How did SideStep come about?

Globalisation and computerisation are causing the pace of our lives to become faster and more hectic, and thus undermining our mental and physical equilibrium.
SideStep was born out of an analysis of people in the contemporary social context. Less and less inclined towards introspection and more and more attracted to their surroundings, to what belongs to or is practised by others. An individual prone to impulsive or compulsive action, rather than oriented towards processing their emotions and actions following a more reasoned logical thought. By informing oneself so as to regain control of one's life, it is possible to embrace new, healthy habits. A person who has replaced their ability to choose and their ability to pause and make conscious decisions with a lifestyle on "autopilot" mode, i.e. unconsciously and impulsively: if we live in the present, we do so without paying sufficient attention to what is surrounding us.


. The result of multidisciplinary, multidimensional and integrated research into all the paradigms behind second- and third-generation therapies has led to the creation of an APP designed for people who want to improve their lifestyle and tailored to the habits they want to improve.
Anonymous profiling
You can select which moods and habits you wish to improve, and the days and times when you wish to receive your personalised content
Supporter: you can choose a trusted person who will select and send you contents
Salvagenda: not only a reminder but also an aid to better manage your health and work commitments
S.O.S.: an opportunity to receive content in real time to assist you in dealing with your immediate needs
Content creation: join the Community and submit your own contents!


Natural evolution of the project, SideStep has configured a model which combines the principles of modern therapies and the prerogatives and elements of the local territory. It provides a basis on which to apply the skills, knowledge and techniques of professionals who are also representatives of the local community, a way of breaking down the traditional and stubborn confidentiality barrier between user/patient and expert.specialist. It is customary to view those who rely on psychotherapy or on an expert on mind or spirit as people with deficits. We reply that this process is both educational and informative, as well as introductory to introspective questioning, and getting back into the game and getting ready to interact with one' s community.
The platform can be configured as the first digital hub of mind-body-spirit specialists, to whom the APP can act as a supporting instrument, and who help individuals maintain their psychophysical balance through their one-on-one and group courses. Its central function lies in offering an advanced step in digitising the service of each category, which currently has a substantial gap in terms of computerisation.
Let us rebuild our social networks from a small-scale perspective, enhancing excellence in the area's welfare.

Ravenna City Mind Step

The City Mind Step initiative, the first deck of cards designed to enhance Ravenna and the people of Ravenna in the eyes of the world, represents the marriage of the physical and the digital. The local notional-motivational contents of the APP have been converted and reconfigured to give life to an emotional journey to the discovery of ourselves and Ravenna, with the aim of making the tourist and the citizen of Ravenna real protagonists of the local reality encompassing its history, its traditions, its mentality, its flavours and other peculiarities. Each card represents one of the following categories:
➢ Symbolic objects
➢ UNESCO monuments
➢ Special places
➢ DNA of Romagna
➢ Ravenna inspires...
➢ Culinary tradition
A tool that accompanies the revisitation and elaboration of texts, essays and quotes by illustrious personalities linked to the city in a modern key is the QR CODE: each code directs the user to a SideStep environment where a specific theme expressed in the content of the card is explored: recipes, customs and traditions, sayings, nature trails..., to fully discover the city and be able to preserve a memory of it over time.


The format of SideStep represents a trace that is adaptable to a new constructive-emotional web marketing tool. It expresses significant scalability whatever the basic starting element: whether it is a town, an event, a product or a service, it will always be possible to extend its identity and properties by seeking the appropriate meaning to the benefit of the subject under consideration and of others. Every individual, whether as a person or as a professional, carries with them a wealth of events that have marked their existence and forged their DNA. These circumstances can be conceptually extended into key messages aimed at evoking a positive beneficial principle. Whether it is a hardship overcome or a significant success, these can emerge in a valorising perspective. A company, whether family-owned or divided into several business units, always represents a DNA: starting from its history, from the founder or those who hold key roles, from governance to more executive positions. Study and analysis lead to the representation of key indicators that can best illustrate the virtues aligned with the principles of modern psychotherapies that 'work' to benefit the individual. When you are well prepared towards yourself and your surroundings, you are more likely to get the corporate engine running with the right sound. Brand+ can illustrate, both within the operational chain, with a sense of belonging and involvement, and externally with a more commercial angle, the strategy adopted, the logic and dynamics of pursuing an objective and the results achieved, particularly showing the identity spirit and values underlying the methodological approach, thought and action. A new way of marketing, through creative tools in both print and digital form. If necessary, a substantial outline on which to develop team-building activities to achieve new and stimulating goals together, respecting those who have worked hard and those who sacrifice themselves in the name of work and values that are increasingly less recognised.

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