By its very nature and scope, the Brand Plus format provides the ability to take every tangible entity under examination. A person, a specialist, a company, a product, a service, a particular event.

Constructive-emotional marketing focuses on the imprinting derived by the methodological approach of thought and action that each person or business unit or company in their entirety convey.

  • It focuses on the information represented by emotional intelligence EQI > QI and by the methodological approach of thought and action
  • The Internet has changed the way of working, the information is at everyone's disposal. The substantial difference now lies in understanding the interlocutor, identifying yourself in their feelings, in their objectives and in their way of acting: the emotional and empathetic background is ever more of a deciding factor in each professional dynamic or life experience
  • Another significant element is made from the factual experiences that forge method, growth and achievement of goals

An elevated and objective view of the subject

Distinctive Elements

Establishing key figures who have marked history and those who are presently in governance roles

Key Figures

Establishing the existence of a distinctive Company DNA or whether the focus should be on specific figures

Company DNA

Understanding the background, DNA, method and constructive de facto experiences of each individual professional

Factual experiences

・ Product analysis, tangible or non-tangible properties
・ The advantages for the final consumer
・ The assembly, logistics and distribution chain
・ The commercial claim

Submerged values

This tool results in creative content in both printed and digital forms. They can be used for presentations, as marketing messages for websites, as posts for social media, as content adaptable to any digital platform. Any distinctive element that emerges can be associated with a principle of modern psychotherapy that can contribute and be functional to the growth of the individual, both within the supply chain and for third parties.
Brand+ can show, both within the operational chain, with the aim of creating a feeling of belonging and involvement, and to the outside world with a greater emphasis on marketing, any strategy undertaken, the logic and dynamics of the pursuit of an objective and the results achieved, especially showing the spirit of identity and the values underlying the methodological approach, thought and action.

From contents with a generic outline to contents that are specific to a territory:

the first format realised on the city of Ravenna: Ravenna, City Mind Step