City Mind Step


The city of Ravenna is experienced through an emotional and introspective journey that has both tourists and the locals as the protagonists of a memory. An emotional journey that leads to the discovery and/or rediscovery of the identity of the city, its culture, its distinctive landmarks and cuisine, and its most illustrious personalities, all presented through an innovative and entertaining guide consisting of 37 educational and motivational cards that encourage you to apply common sense to a genuine emotional and romantic experience.

The local notions and motivational components of the APP have been converted onto cards and repurposed to create an emotional journey aimed at discovering ourselves and Ravenna.
The first deck of cards was created to promote Ravenna and the people of Ravenna in the eyes of the world, and is presented as follows:

  ・ The identity of Romagna
  ・ Special places
  ・ Symbolic objects
  ・ Characters and famous writers
  ・ UNESCO World Heritage monuments
  ・ Traditional cuisine

The synergy between the distinctive elements of the territory and the principles of mindfulness offers a unique journey in which the individual is at the centre of everything and the city, with its prerogatives, serves as the vehicle. It is useful to the individual as well as suitable from an educational point of view for couples or children. The emotional journey is accessible to both tourists and local citizens.