What better exercise than to try ‘piadinatherapy’ in order to practise teamwork?

Gather a group of people you love. Each of you will have a specific task during the preparation of the traditional piadina romagnola.


The authentic recipe for piadina romagnola

500 g of type 1 flour

70 g of Mora di Romagna lard

2 pinches (about 3 g) of baking soda or 10 g of powder yeast for savoury pies

8 g medium grain sweet Cervia salt

A touch of honey


Form a small well with the flour and put the lard inside. Knead the piadina starting from the inside, putting the flour on top of the lard and add the other ingredients with a little warm water. Knead the dough with your hands: the movement comes from the shoulder and it is better if your legs are slightly bent. Knead the dough for about ten minutes and then divide it by the number of piadine you want to make. Each piadina is rolled out with a rolling pin until it reaches a diameter ranging from 15 to 30 centimetres. A round earthenware dish is recommended for cooking it. Place the dough from the top downwards. Prick it with the prongs of a fork. Turn it over and pierce it again. Three times. All within 5 minutes. The experts say the first one you make is called “wacky”.