Romagnolo DOC

Your roots

Be proud of your roots: knowing the values of the place and the people we belong to is a gift to share with your interlocutor. Rediscovering some dialectal expressions through a simple internet search is an easy and quick exercise.

Traditional sayings from Romagna

S’ajavès e sa fòs is muré in miseria int e’ fond d’un fos

If I had and if I were died in misery at the bottom of a ditch.

It resembles the well-known “history isn’t made with ifs and buts”, identifying how the people of Romagna are devoted to concreteness and to never wasting time on hypotheses.

Romagna is its language.

The uniqueness of our language expresses the uniqueness of our DNA, both in thought and action.

To know where you want to go, you have to find out where you come from first.